07 August 2009

Home Sweet

I call my blog Kat's Corner, because it is about my little corner of the world. Our house plays a big role in my life, this particular episode is all about the house. Back in 1983, we lived in a little apartment in Ogden UT. I remember one afternoon we were daydreaming with a "United Farm Catalog" there was a place for sale with an old house that needed work and a couple of acres. It bordered on a National Forest, can you imagine how nice that sounded. There was no way we could afford it at the time and we were getting ready to spend a couple of years moving around with the AF anyway, but it stuck in my head as an ideal. Move the clock forward to 2002. Our couple of years in the AF turned into a career and it was almost time to get out. No more moving every few years.
We must have looked at over a hundred houses, none were quite what we wanted. Then my Sweet one found a house on the Internet. It boarders on Sumter National Forest (no, it wasn't the exact property we looked at all those years ago, this house is much prettier). We hopped into the van and drove up to look at it. The house had been on the market for quite a while and had not been lived in for over a year. The front porch was buckling, the roof was dreadful, and most of the fireplaces were boarded up. The well wasn't even working. We fell in love, good thing too, as this house needed to be Loved!
Between the time we signed the contract and the time we were ready to move in, we went to the bookstore. My Honey was looking at a "Country Living Magazine". He called out, excited, across the store, our house is in here! What! Our house was one of the four houses chosen to appear on their for sale page. (Yes, I still have a copy, two as a matter of fact).
Our house was either built around 1830 by the Reverend James Chiles, according to "Greenwood County A History" by Ann Heard Bowen.

We have replaced the roof, fixed the porch and

repaired the chimneys. As well as a lot of other things. There is always something that needs to be done. It is a big house and it is full of love.
The first photo is of course the house from the front, next "tea on the balcony". Third is a view of the side of the house and fourth is a view from the side. Five is a photo of our bees. see the piece that isn't painted? That is the entrance to their home. If you look close to that you can see some of the bees going in and out.
Six is the summer kitchen and smoke house. Seven is the view from my kitchen window. Eight is part of the back yard. Nine is one of the newest members of the family, this lion is part of a pair that recently moved

onto the front porch. Ten is a fresh batch of oatmeal chocolate chip cookies just waiting to be cut and enjoyed. They were very good. I am afraid they are gone now. Eleven, last but not least is an old canning jar that appears to have something in it. Could be almost anything. It isn't a firefly, they are not that bright in the daylight. (I might have had a little help from photoshop to put it in their.)
Now it is time to motivate. My day is rapidly escaping. See you soon.


  1. Such a beautiful house and perfect place to end your Air Force career! I'd absolutely love to live in an antebellum house (even though I'm a damn Yankee!).

    So ... is this place by any chance haunted??

  2. Thanks for the comments on my photography. Your house is SO charming...I LOVE it! I picture myself in a plantation style house in the South.....when, in reality, I am on the flat plains of small-town Kansas in a 100 year old neighborhood about 5 feet away from 1 neighbor and kitty corner from a public school. lol. But, a small-town neighborhood has its charms as well...at least that is what I tell myself. It is a labor of love owning and old home but I wouldn't trade it.

  3. I finally found time and the card you gave me with your website. It a beautiful house. I hope your hubby is recovering.

    Augusta Gasman

  4. I am enchanted! Your house looks so very lovely. What a wonderful dream come true!

  5. What a lovely relaxing place! You take some wonderful pictures. I love the one with the road through the trees.

  6. Oh, I'm in love with your house. Our first home was a 1925 bungalow in Old Town. We did a lot to it. But it was 760 square feet, and we had two growing boys and had to go. Nice to have a love old things in common with you. Looking forward to following!

  7. I just read this interesting account of how you got the house. My eye caught, you lived in Ogden, Utah. I was born and raised in Salt Lake City! But I now live in beautiful Virginia. I would love to live in a big house surrounded by trees. How lovely.

  8. hmm, I would like to see some inside pictures...looks like a neat house. Hey , isn't sumter national forest in good ole SC? I live near the coastal area.


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