30 August 2009

Grand Tetons, Utah and Home

I drove most of the way across the Tetons. It was a rainy day and the sky was amazing. We went up over one pass with very steep grades and I realized it has been a long time since I did any real mountain driving. When we were down from the pass and my Sweet Hubby wanted to drive for a while, I almost had to pry my fingers off the steering wheel. I had to look to see if I had dented it, I was holding on to it that hard. I guess I was a little nervous (this from the kid who drove across the three sisters in Wyoming in the snow when I was 16).

The colors were amazing.

When we arrived in Ogden, we checked into the old Hotel Ben Lomond. This is one of the Grand Old Ladies. Hotel Ben Lomond is on the National Register of Historic Places. It was once the finest Hotel in Ogden. The current owners are in the process of refurbishing and restoring it so that someday it may be again.

It is not the Holiday Inn Express, some things still are not perfect but the staff are quick to remedy problems. It is a beautiful old place with a lot of memories and perhaps, a ghost or two.

The first of the Hotel photos is the entrance foyer, then the grand staircase, details from the elevators and my Handsome Hubby in the posh elevator.

The photo of the Ogden Sky line was taken from one of the windows in our room. Just up the rode a ways was our first apartment, I had to take a photo of it too. That is where we lived when we first got married.

We spent a few days running around Ogden and most fun of all, visiting with family. We are both from that area.

Our last day there, we spent together in Salt Lake City. We spent our Honeymoon there and I still think it is romantic. We visited "Sam Weller's Zion Bookstore", The Magdalene Cathedral (photos of the inside
just don't do it justice but I had

to try. The gargoyle looks as if he came right out of Disney's Hunchback, yet he has been looking over the city for a long time). We went to Trolley Square and had Dinner at "The Spaghetti Factory" (another old haunt for us, we ate there many times while we were dating and on our Honeymoon) it is still just as good as always. I recommend the Spaghetti a'la Homer with Mizithra Cheese.

Our trip was wonderful but it is good to be home. On our first walk after we got back we found a handful of wild grapes that were ripe and ready to eat. I didn't get a photo, they disappeared too fast. The cicada
and bee were having a
discussion on the porch. They

posed nicely as if to say "welcome home" then flew about their business. The wine, a lovely reward. Hope you are having a lovely summer. School starts back up for me next week and the weather just maybe starting to cool a little, we shall see.


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  1. It sounds like a lovely trip, Kat. It must have been lovely to visit your old 'haunts', and of course, family too.
    The kids go back to school on Friday here. I love them being at home during the holidays.


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