14 September 2014

End of Summer

Our summer has flown by quite quickly
it is not really gone yet
green is everywhere
you can see the signs that change is coming.
mornings are a little cooler
the sun sets a little sooner
and the evening light is different.

I am looking forward to Autumn
I am also going to enjoy each little bit of summer that is left
come see why

 On the Balcony
This is where we love to go for a cup of tea on a summer morning.
 Bunny Rabbit
An early morning visitor. They can not see us up on the balcony so as long as we are quiet, we can watch them eat their breakfast.
 Old barn
The barn looks quite lovely in the summer evening light. This picture shows a hint of color changing, but it is only an illusion.
 End of summer Elm
I love the light this time of year. I stepped out with the camera to take a picture of the visitor below, but I was so entranced, I stayed for quite a while. 
 Charlotte ?
We call these talented ladies writing spiders. See the pattern in her web? Is this what Charlotte really looked like (Charlotte's Web)?
 Writing Spider Micro
Here she is zoomed in to show off her fancy colors. She is about the size of a silver dollar (do you remember those). 
 Down the road
Walking down to pick up the mail is a pleasure this time of year.
This lovely wildflower is serving as a road side attraction next to our mailbox. It is taller than me. I keep waiting for the little buds to open, so far, no luck.
 Creeping Kudzu
Here is a look up close and personal at one of the South's biggest pests. Lucky for us, the railroad doesn't like it either and they keep it on the other side of the tracks.
 Kudzu Patch
I have to admit, it is kind of pretty though.
Tiny Yellow Wildflower
The wildflowers won't last much longer.
You see what I mean about wanting to enjoy the last of summer?

Hope you are enjoying yours as well.

1 comment:

  1. Such pretty photos and that spider is a bit amazing. It sure is hard to believe that summer is over.


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