07 September 2014

Bears in the woods? Cherokee North Carolina

Boston and Chicago have cows (so do many other cities)
Ogden Utah has Horses, 
but for this post,
I told you there would be bears.
So lets pop back to the lovely the Blue Ridge Mountains for the Bears of Cherokee.

 Transformation Through Forgiveness
OK, so this one is not a bear. It is a "Traveling Bronze memorial" that was placed in Cherokee's Veterans park while we were there. 
The picture does not really do it justice.
 Children's Mixed Bear
This is one of the first we spotted. It is also one of the most charming. The art and overall design is by the children. 
 Patriot Bear
This bear lives in the Veterans Park. Easy to guess his name. Right now he is looking over the statue shown in the first picture.  As a veteran I think he is a fitting tribute. 
 Magic Lake Bear
I love all the details painted on this one. He makes me want to find and visit Magic Lake. I wonder if swimming is allowed? (and is it warm enough, the rivers up there are chilly even on the warmest days)
 Pottery Bear
This one is all in brown and white. The patterns mimic traditional Cherokee pottery patterns.
 Eagle Dancer Bear
You can see this one front and back.
 Sequoyah Bear
and yes, that is a pipe. I wonder if he is meant to look like anyone in particular.
 Legends Bear
 Forefathers Bear
If you want more information on the Bear Project, you can go to Cherokee Bear Project - article from Indian Country News
 Visitors Center
Even the sign on the visitor's center door, is an artistic bear.
Bear on the Little Tennessee River
This bear is the last I took pictures of, but it is by no means the last bear. There were plenty we didn't see. 
Maybe we will have to hunt more bears on our next trip up there. 

Hope you enjoyed this Bear Hunt.

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  1. Those are sure some mighty fancy bears, but the safe kind!


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