28 September 2014

Autumn Chores

Preparing for Cooler Weather
 Tools for the job
We have had a bit of cool weather lately.
Seems like our Summer will be shorter this year. So, when it warmed up a little last Sunday afternoon, we decided to get to work.
 First Rinse for the Corolla
If your going to do it, do it right. We start with a good rinse, then we soap up the vehicles, and scrub where necessary.
 Final rinse for the Tacoma
Once the bugs and road guck are scrubbed off. We give them a final rinse then towel them dry by hand to prevent water spots. 
 Wax on
My Sweet Husband starts putting wax on the Corolla while I finish
wiping down the Tacoma. By the time I am done, the wax on the first side has set. I go behind him with a piece of cheese cloth and start buffing. 
 Waxing the Tacoma
Once he gets the wax on the Tacoma, he will go behind me and rebuff the Corolla with a clean cloth. The Tacoma is bigger, so it takes longer. My Sweet Husband has to do the top of the shell. I am too short to reach, even standing on the tires. 
Look at the reflection.
 Ready for winter
I know there are easier ways to do the job.
Easier is not always better. The Tacoma is ten years old and the Corolla is twelve. Wish it was that easy to hide my age.
 Not everything is ready!
Cooler temperatures sent us out to take stock of the firewood situation. Uh-oh, we have some work to do.
 Ready to cut
We start by dragging some well seasoned logs up closer to the house for cutting. 
 Work in progress
Took a little break to go get more wood, and have a little snack.
The wood is a mixture of Pine, Oak and Elm.
 The wood pile grows
You can't really see it from the two pictures, my camera does a great job with light, but it was getting darker by this point. We had to stack the wood by flashlight. 
 Much better
I went out this morning to take a picture of the finished pile.
 Leaves beginning to change 
The big elm out back is starting to change color. Seems early this year but I don't mind. Something about autumn renews my spirit.
 Dogwood leaves
The dogwood is beautiful right now, lovely red berries and some red leaves.
Summer isn't quite gone yet.
 After all the hard work
Our reward.
I am a very spoiled girl, and yes, 
we do know how to live the good life. 



  1. That is sure lots of work and it is so hard to believe that brrrrrr season is almost here,

  2. wow. nice and shiny...so how many bugs are on it already? ha...my washes never last long...ah wood smoke and a fire.. i miss having them...


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