12 November 2009

Ten things I like about November

1. It is starting to get chilly, we can snuggle in under the covers (I am in danger of wearing out the Snooze button on my alarm clock).
2. It is the beginning of fireplace season and the wood is stacked.
3. It is the perfect time of year for baking, the house smells great.
4. Lots of colors to see.
5. Warm spicy tea.
6. The air is full of inspiration. Walking outside fills me with ideas.
7. Families are discussing Holiday plans. The stores are full of good things.
8. There is an expectancy in the air, I love the Pre-Holiday season excitement. That point at the beginning of every November when I say, I will make this, and I will do this and I will make my own that (before I realize that I am way too optimistic about how long everything will actually take).
9. Since most people say it is too early, all the Christmas music and videos are still available at the local library. (Have you heard "To Drive the Cold Winter Away" by Loreena McKennitt, it is amazing).
10. Taking pictures of all the Mushrooms!(Oh look, there is another one)


  1. Kat, thanks for visiting so we could find you.

    Some years ago (wow! I have lost track of time), V's eldest daughter got married in December. V and I (with our girlfriends, the "TNT's") did all the reception, and it was a snap bang up affair. We had discovered McKennitt's "To Drive the Cold Winter Away," fell in love with it and handed out the lyrics on scrolls tied with gold cord as wedding favors. I still love the song. C.

  2. What a lovely place! I love mushrooms, I used to pick them with my parents when I was a child.
    Thank you so much for stopping by my place and leaving a great comment.;)

  3. A nice refreshing post, Kat. Usually this time of year promotes lots of moaning about the cold, and the rain, it's nice to read that you are embracing the change of seasons. I love your mushroom photos.

  4. This is inspiring! My 'new starts and big ideas' are in September and I love the colours of autumn, but now I've read this I feel all enthused again to get to work inside the house! Thank you!

  5. Lovely pics. Thankls for dropping by to visit with us out here in the woods.

    Were there any faeries about the shrooms?

  6. I believe the other morning I was trying to set the Guinness World Record for number of times the snooze button was it! Cold and dark mornings do that for me!

    Lovely mushroom pictures! I always think that there should be a gnome there somewhere!

    I only wish that autumn lasted just a bit longer - it seems to go by so fast much to my dismay.

  7. Nice pics, Kat. I think the mushrooms are the fairies' way of telling us to get out our comforters, and good books and to prepare for hybernation.


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