02 November 2009

Praying Mantis, a last little bit of summer

This little guy was sitting on the train tracks.
My Sweet hubby offered him a hand, and he climbed aboard.

We moved him over to a safer spot.
He was grateful enough to pose for me.
Isn't he grand?


  1. Wow, Kat, nice pictures. That fellow, actually it's probably a gal. Don't the gals bite off the guys head? Anyway I saw a picture in the recent Nat. Geo, of a Praying (or is it Preying?) Mantis that caught a bird and was eating it! So watch out.

  2. I thought you were right Richard. I was taking a little poetic license when I used Praying instead of Preying. I just looked it up and we were both wrong. They are named Praying because of the way their "hands" appear to be folded together. You are probably right about this one being a girl, she seemed thouroghly charmed and calm with my Sweet Hubby holding her. (He keeps me safe)

  3. Those are some great pictures but better your husband than me, praying mantis kind of creep me out a little - they always have though I don't know why!

  4. Great photo's, Kat. I wonder what he was doing on the train track.

  5. Such a dapper little creature!


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