06 November 2009

Heintooga Round Bottom Road

The Dogwood as of November 3. I am amazed at how long the display is lasting.
Now, I want you to click on the video below (make sure your sound is on), then close your eyes and just listen. I know, that is an odd request, it lasts less than 20 seconds, go on, give it a try.
I love the sound it makes when you walk through autumn leaves. It is a most satisfying crunch. I made the video just to record it. It reminds me of being a kid and playing in piles of leaves, of walking to school with my big sister Paula and the Dipolma kids (Tammy and Terry were our best friends when we were small). The leaves smell so good too but I haven't figured out how to share that part yet. We went to Maggie Valley in North Carolina a couple of weeks ago. The road side stands are full of lovely things. These pumpkins for instance. This time of year is all about the harvest and being thankful for it. I see beauty everywhere I look.
My Sweet Hubby posed with these for me to show how big they really are. They were part of a fun display that evidently won some prizes. The display included a tribute to the old moonshiners and an outhouse. Cute, but the pumpkins were impressive. I wonder if these big guys would make good pie (Pumpkin Pie is my favorite desert, even over chocolate, gasp, I know, you never would have guessed)?
I know, this is just corny (pretty though, isn't it)? If we were in Britain there would be at least one "Corn Dolly" in this display. They are usually not doll shaped and are usually made from wheat. I have one that we brought back. All cereal grains used to be called corn. The American version was not introduced until Queen Elizabeth I's reign. An interesting note, the stacks the grain or hay was placed in were called Riggs, thus my maiden name is an occupational name for a grain farmer. So like Smith or Taylor, I am not related to everyone with that same last name.
One of our favorite places to hike is Heintooga Round Bottom Road. This time we drove down the road, past our old turn around point, parked the car and hiked from there to find new territory. As with everywhere in the Blue Ridge, this area is beautiful. There are not as many of the sweeping views on this road, too many trees in the way, but the details are worth it. These photos are from a few weeks ago so I am sure the autumn display is more advanced.
What is this, is it, yes, snow. There isn't much of it left, but there is enough to touch. (Yes, I would recommend taking a jacket and some gloves) I do have some great memories of playing in the snow, that does not mean I need any more of it than this to make my winter complete.
These are some of the details I told you about. The lighting was playing games, nature showing off her finest just for my camera.
This tree leans out over the path, doesn't it look like something the from a fantasy movie. I half expected it to speak to us as we pass. Note how the trees behind it are straight up and down.
The sun shines through the leaves. I wonder if this is where they got the idea for stained glass. The woods are a temple on days like this one.

Have you had a chance to take a walk in the woods lately?




  1. You're right, there's nothing quite like the sound of leaves crunching beneath your feet and it's an even better sound when you know you don't have to rake the leaves you're crunching through!

    That one tree looks like something out of Lord of the Rings or another fantasy movie - very cool!

    Thanks for sharing your fall photos with us, even the corny one!!

  2. Hi,Kat. Great pics. Crunch, cruch love the leaf walk. What did you say?? Snow?? I agree about pumpkins, although I know a guy from Scotland who thinks they are from the devil. I had pumpkin waffles just yesterday. Man, they were good.

  3. Your Dogwood is looking glorious. The display is lasting a good while for you. Yes, I love to crunch through leaves too.

  4. Hi Kat. Thanks for visiting my blog and for the wonderful comment.

    Your blog is wonderful and I love the story on your house. I look forward to visiting again.



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