26 May 2014

Guest blogger - Spontaneous the helpful kitty

Good morning everyone,
     Kat is still doing schoolwork. She has some huge project that she has to finish over the next few weeks so she says she has to stay chained to the computer. I did not see a chain, I would have played with it, I like sparkly things that dangle.
     This morning, while she is sleeping, I decided to do a blog post for her, since she did not do one yesterday. So, this post is about my favorite subject, me.

How I am helping with Kat's Practicum Project

 Spontaneous Exercising

     I let her take my picture while I was doing my floor exercises. She says exercising is a very good coping method because it helps get rid of all the nasty stuff that builds up in our bodies from stress.

Spontaneous Learning 

     I posed for her with a book, I am thinking about learning a programing language, if I could just figure out how to convince her to get me my own computer, she is always using hers. She says learning new things is another positive coping method for stress because it makes your mind work in new ways and makes you think of something besides your stress for awhile.


     Kat says relaxation is necessary, even when we are not stressed. She says that according to her research (why didn't she find it the first time she searched? I rarely have to re-search for anything). When you balance your time between responsibility and leisure, you become more resilient to stress. Maybe that's why cats are usually such calm creatures. Our Moms teach us that when we are tiny. 

Negative Coping Methods

     Some of you may remember this picture. I promise I was framed! Kat says she can use this picture too, it shows what she calls a negative coping method and those are not healthy. She says it is OK to enjoy a drink, but not if it is a way to escape from your problems. 
     She is putting all these pictures and some others that are not as good because I am not in them, in a presentation about stress management and compassion fatigue. She has to write a bunch of stuff and turn everything in soon. She says by the middle of June she will be done with school. Cross your fingers for her, and wish her luck, if she did not know about stress management, she would probably be shedding hair all over the house. 


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  1. You are looking very helpful and very cute too!


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