06 May 2012

Time Travel. What happened to March and April?

Is it really May already?
I have all these lovely photos to share from the spring,
and it is nearly summer.

So, we will indulge once again in a little bit of virtual time travel.
 Pink buds, March 2012

 Wild Roses, March 2012
(My Sweet Husband took this one)

 Azalea March 2012
(My Sweet Husband took this one)

Azalea and Bee
(My Sweet Husband took this one) 

Dogwood Blossoms and Gargoyles March 2012 
(My Sweet Husband took this one)

 White Iris after the rain. March 2012
(My Sweet Husband took this one)

 Beautiful patterned Caterpillar. March 2012
(My Sweet Husband took this one)

 Moonlight and Mistletoe. March 2012
Romantic, isn't it?

 Wild Turkeys in the yard. March 2012
(My Sweet Husband took this one)

 Thistle blossom and bee. April 2012

 Our old barn in the spring. April 2012

 Southern Creek. April 2012

 Grumpy old toad in the road. April 2012

 Honeysuckle. April 2012

 Southern woods. April 2012

 The road goes ever on. April 2012

Old oak and old ivy. April 2012.

Strawberry Waffles. April 2012.
I am spoiled!

My old job had me working three 12 hour shifts per week.
The 12 hour shifts frequently turned in to longer ones, but I still only worked three days a week.
My new job (since last November) is five days a week and it requires a serious commute.
So, I have sadly neglected the blog a bit.

One reason that I started this blog, was to encourage myself to find positive things to share on a regular basis. In the process, I have made many wonderful blog friends.
I do not want to give either of those up.
I am going to try to post more often,
my posts might be a little shorter and simpler from time to time.
When I visit your blogs, I will leave more comments.
If I do get a little behind again,
do not worry.
Life is good here at Kat's Corner.


  1. Oh what a feast for the eyes!! Thank you for these gorgeous gorgeous photos!! Your post is a lovely paradise!

    Enjoy your yummy waffles! Have a great Sunday! Take care

  2. oh wow crazy colors ont he caterpillar...and love the flower pics too...this year is flying by....

  3. YOu should not have shown us that last pic!! So tempting!! So you have a commute and work 5 days--well, I hope the traffic is not bad--sometimes the commute is a nice time to think!

  4. Very pretty indeed! Oh those long car rides are no fun!

  5. I don't think it happened to y'all, but we had spring in February and early March. Summer sort of started in April and here we are in May. We are praying this summer won't be as HOT as last year, but we never know until it gets here.

    Beautiful pictures and I've never seen a catepillar like yours. Your hubby is a good photographer. :)


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