12 May 2012

Glad Tidings! Mother's day, flowers, and a contest.

I know, it is just a little corney, but this Gladiola bloomed for me and my Sweet Husband brought it in for Mother's Day. The flowers seem bigger this year and I love the colors.

Tomorow is Mother's Day.
My Mom has been gone for just over a decade but she lives on in my siblings, my children, and me.
She was an amazing woman and she was ahead of her time.
This is an old post I wrote in her honor, read it and see if you don't agree.

And now,,,
for the contest.
I was looking at my stats on this new blogger interface and I noticed that it shows the total number of comments I have received so far.
I was astounded to discover that I am less than 100 comments away from 2000!
So, here are the rules.
1. You can comment as many times as you like, but only once per post.
2. You can comment on any of the last 333 posts (that is all of them),
as long as you have not already commented on that post.
3. As a hint for my long time followers, the earlier posts have fewer comments.
4. I will not tell you how many comments we are from the goal.
5. The winner will be whoever posts the 2000th comment.
6. Anyone can enter, even if you have won a previous contest.

Cheers, and good luck,


  1. smiles...lovely flowers he got for you...and i smiled at your mom living on in you and your siblings...so true...happy mothers day weekend!

  2. Such beautiful glads!!!

  3. The gladioli are just wonderful! Of course they bloomed for you and in memory of your beautiful mum! Take care

  4. Those are sure beautiful flowers. And such a fun contest!
    Wishing you a happy Mother's day!
    xo Catherine

  5. That was awfully nice of the gladioli to bloom for you on Mother's Day!

  6. beautiful flowers! There were some lovely gladioli at church last week...love them. : )


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