12 July 2011

Beijing Day 8 continued, the Great Wall and the Sacred Way.

The Great Wall of China is so big, you can see it from outer space.
According to Fodor's Beijing's 25 Best, it was built between the 5th century BC and 16th Century AD.
Like Hadrian's wall in Great Britain, it was built for defense. 
 The guide book warns of crowding, but we did not have to climb very far to get away from the crowds.
Some portions are quite steep.
My wonderful traveling companion posed for me. 
 The view is amazing.
The area is so lovely, well worth the effort it took to get there.
You can feel the history.
How many thousands of people have walked here in awe.
 We also visited "The Sacred Way".
Our guide book calls it the spirit way, but the guide referred to it as the sacred way.
Translations must be difficult.
This group of vendors was set up outside the entrance.
If you look closely you can see one of them has her mouth wide open,
they were trying to out shout each other to get our attention.
Don't they look silly?
Great entertainment.
 The Sacred or Spirit way is a long avenue of willow trees and statues.
It leads to Ming tombs.
A lovely walk, with lots to look at.
Four scenes from the sacred way.
Does that guy on the bottom look familiar?
Here kitty, kitty.
Dinner was Beijing duck.
You may be more familiar with it as Peking duck.
Beijing is the modern name for Peking.
It was very good.
We saw a Kung Fu show after dinner.
I was growled at for taking pictures....
It was fun.
More soon.


  1. Absolutely breath-taking..... Awesome!!

  2. What a spectacular trip. I think I would have felt overwhelmed and intrigued by the Great Wall--thinking about all the lives that built it, all those who trod it. Probably I would be overwhelmed by culture shock, too, since ideology is very different from that in the West.

  3. in this one you have walked places i dream of walking...great pics!!!

  4. Not only is that an amazing place, they actually serve duck!

  5. Oh wow!!! The iconic Wall!! Wow!! It really is a work of art, isn't it?!!? Look at it!! Wonderful!!!

    I'm sorry you got growled at but glad you had such an amazing time in Beijing!!! Yay! Take care

  6. I am green with envy. In all my travels, mainland China - other than a one day stop in Guangzhou - has escaped me. Your photos are so fabulous and taunt me. After reading Lisa See's wonderful novels about Chinese women, I want more than ever to visit that country!


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