23 June 2011

Xian China, Day 6

Always a welcome sight.  
We spent two days in Xian. On the second day we went with the group out to the site where the Terra Cotta Warriors were found. Do you know about the Terra Cotta Warriors? I remember when the find was announced back in the 70's and I have wanted to see them ever since. 
 The warriors were all broken when the archaeologists first found them.
This picture shows the painstaking work the museum is doing to restore them.
No two are exactly alike, and there are thousands of them.
They are life sized.
If you are intrigued or curios, terra-cotta-warriors is an excellent information site with more pictures.
 There are a couple of museums on site, this one features smaller funerary figures from other tombs.
Notice the ladies with the long sleeves? I told you I would show you that again.
Next to the ladies, some acrobats.
These figures range in size from a few inches tall to about three feet high.
We also spent some time at the Shaanxi Provenance Museum.
They have an excellent collection of Chinese art through the centuries.
I particularly liked this one, it is propaganda from the revolutionary era. 
While we were at the museum, we had a basic calligraphy lesson. 
We also had the opportunity to buy some very nice art.
We passed, although it was difficult. 
They have some very aggressive sales people.
(Aggressive sales people seem to be everywhere we went). 
At the end of a long day, my Sweet Husband,  took me out for dinner.
We walked to the restaurant from our hotel.
Since it is a Mediterranean restaurant, they washed our hands with rose water prior to serving us.
 My Sweet Husband at the Azur Mediterranean Restaurant.
Very good food and a lovely way to spend an evening.
Early flight the next morning back to Beijing.
Beijing was our last stop on the trip, we were there for three nights.
This photo was at the Xian airport, no, that is not fog.
Air quality was dreadful.
I will post photos from Beijing soon.


  1. My gosh that smog!! Oh dear! What a shame! :-(

    Oh but look at those fantastic terra cotta warriors! Oh how lucky for you and your lovely hubby to see them - wow!! That's just brilliant! They really are the stuff of legend, aren't they?!?! FANTASTIC!!!

    Awww it's a shame though that your very interesting calligraphy lessons were marred by aggessive sales people! Oh dear!!

    Another fabulous post of such an amazing country!! What a place!! Take care

  2. so cool...would love to see the terra cota warriors...and try the food quite honestly...

  3. There are some fascinating artifacts there. It looks like a very interesting trip. Thanks for taking us along : )

  4. What an exciting place to visit, i always wanted to see all those Terra Cotta Warriors.;)
    I am sure the experiences and memories from this trip will stay with you forever.
    Sorry for my lack of recent visits, I have simply been preoccupied with my off line life so much that no time is left for my online life these days...

    Have a lovely weekend dear friend,

  5. What an amazing place to travel to. Thanks for sharing your trip with us! :)xx

  6. A few years ago I went with a Chinese-American family to China and we did the Ancient Silk Road tour. This was an incredible trip of almost three weeks. I did get to Xian to see the Soldiers. Was the little farmer who first discovered the site while plowing there? He was signing books with a marking pen and behind a fan so as not to be photographed with flashes.

  7. Those Terra-Cotta Warriors would be very interesting to see in person; I'm sure it's going to take the museum forever to restore them!

    Having just gone through your previous posts on your trip I've got to say that it seems like the trip of a lifetime for you and your hubby - though you seem to be able to go a lot of fascinating places! Envious I am!

  8. J am glad to hear that the farmer is still alive and happy, eventhough he doesn't like cameras. Cheers Lori fromthe Jarvis House

  9. How exciting! I didn't know you went to China. In all my years of traveling worldwide, I didn't really get to mainland China - other than a day on a cruise stop in Guanzhou. I did make it twice to Hong Kong. Wonderful pictures!

  10. Amazing! I somehow have missed all of these posts! I have always wanted to see the terracotta warriors. What an adventure!


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