26 January 2010

Just Dandy

My yard is wet, wet, wet. Everywhere you go it is sqishy. We went out to the barn to bring back some more wood for the fire.
I spotted this lovely.
I know, it is technically a weed.
It was just what I needed.
Thought I would share.
Have you had any moments of joy today?


  1. Even though dandelions are technically weeds, how can you not smile to see one popping up through the sog and letting you know that spring really isn't that far off?!?

    I took some lovely cloud pictures today while hoping to catch a train go by. Never did get a train but it was nice to be outside even though it was a bit on the cold side with a very brisk wind. Better than being in the house, though!

  2. WOW, so soon! I don't care if they are weeds, they are yellow pretty!

  3. Gosh...I would even welcome a yellow weed just to have a spot of color!

    My joy today was coming home after work, curling up under my electric blanket, watching American Idol (guilty pleasure)and reading your post! :)

  4. It is nice to know I made you smile. Stay warm and cozy,

  5. Thank you for showing a wonderful view.
    It warmed the cold world.

  6. Wow! What a vision indeed! Here it is bitterly cold and everything is covered in snow. I can not wait to see one of these again.;)
    Thank you for bringing a bit of spring my way.;)

  7. It's a miserable day here today too. I went down to the allotment on Saturday, the first trip there of the year, and it's like a bog. There doesn't seem to be any let up from the rain now that the snow has passed.

  8. Hi Kat,

    Thanks for visiting my blog and commenting. You have a great one here too. I just love all the pictures you have. I love trains too. My Grandpa loved them too and that is where I got my passion for them.


  9. Hello, Kat! My human, Tommy--found some of these in our back yard a couple weeks ago. She couldn't believe it--cuz it's January!!



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