22 January 2010

It's not always sunshine,

It is not always sunny here, but it is always lovely. I am going to put some mail in the box, want to come? It isn't actually raining right now, just misty and dripping.
My friend Linda at Are We There Yet?? loves trains. She posted some great train and covered bridge photos the other day. (Hers is another of my favorite blogs) I didn't get up early enough to catch the train going by, but I do think there is something romantic about empty tracks. These are especially atmospheric this morning. Don't you feel it? You could go anywhere from here.
This is the view from the main road. You can almost see our house from there in the winter. It disappears in the summer when all the leaves are out. You can always tell when someone goes down our road for the first time, they slow way down as they pass the house. Some even hit their brakes or back up for a better view.
This is the view on the other side of the main road. That old building has been empty for years. I wonder what it's history was.
All this damp has brought out the resurrection fern. The guardian looks as if he has put on a woolly sweater.
The old Summer Kitchen looks rather romantic in the winter mist.
Yet another view of the barn (can you tell I love it).
My Rosemary and Lavender are loving this weather too. I will plant more lavender this spring, I waited to see how well it would do.
The creek is flowing nicely. The temp this morning is a balmy 37 degrees Fahrenheit (that is about 3 degrees Celsius, Fahrenheit sounds much warmer). I don't mind the weather at all this morning. I don't have to go anywhere. My Sweet Hubby has built a fire in the fireplace and breakfast is on the table. After I eat, I have a paper to write, but for now.....
English Muffins Ala My Sweet Hubby.
Have a lovely day.


  1. You beautiful blog & pictures makes it sunny on the inside for me! Have a wonderful, wonderful weekend!

  2. Wha t a lovely post!!
    My dream.....
    A beautiful plantation Home in the deep south. I was born & raised in the North but I am by choice a Southern-Dreamer...LOL!!

  3. Gorgeous shots, Kat! So beautiful in the mist. Your lavender looks like it loves it there too. Our resident bunny ate mine down to the roots, and it will be May before I can see if any of it survived. :)
    I hope you have a lovely weekend!

  4. Thank you so much for taking us for a walk with you - it most definitely is lovely there and so peaceful looking!

    I love those railroad tracks, they do indeed look like they could take you just about anywhere. Lucky you to live so close to the tracks, too! Perhaps you'll catch a train for me one of these days? Please??

  5. mwaaa...look at your lovely green grass starting and your rosemary and lavender looking so pretty! We have snow again this morning ~ I am so sad... :(

    How sweet is your hubby though having your breakfast all ready for you? A very yummy looking breakfast! :)

  6. Lovely! I so enjoyed this walk, and I agree on the barn (summer kitchen) looking really romantic.;) Beautiful pictures.;)
    Have a lovely weekend,

  7. It is scenery feeling immortality.

    And it is a good old view.

  8. Lovely photos. I can understand why you love the barn, it's such a lovely building. If I lived closer I would invite myself round for breakfast, it looks like your hubby is quite the professional chef with all the wonderful things he makes.

  9. Oh, Kat how very beautiful! How many misty mornings I've spent in the Smokies either in summer or winter. Someday Someday I will return for a Spring and Fall.

  10. Hi Kat,
    Your photo's are wonderful...They look quite dramatic, like they are shoots from a movie. I have never seen such delicious looking Muffins, like these before!
    They don't look that good here, in the UK teashops!:)
    Good to see you again.

  11. Wow, so many nice comments! I am happy to know I made you smile. As for the English Muffins, well that is what they are called, but they are very American. I have always thought they were invented by someone who was trying to figure out how to make crumpets. I guess they must have been eating their failures and decided these were good. The difference is in the texture. Crumpets are impossible to find over here. Thank goodness my Sweet Hubby mastered the art of proper English Scones while we were there.

  12. wow. those english muffins look great. there is just something about rail road tracks that call to me.


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