18 May 2008

First Try, empty nest and how I want to fill it

This is day 7 of my empty nest preview. My children are grown and they have a summer job out of town. They will be back in the fall but for now, the nest is empty. A good bit of the last 21 years has been focused on my children. I would not trade a minute of it. However, as I am reminded from time to time, I have a tendency to over mother. They are grown and one way or another I need to deal with it. I miss them, so what.
I am trying to learn to let go. Thank goodness husbands don't grow up and leave. (At least mine won't) I have been married to my best friend for nearly 25 years. He suits me just right.
My camera and my Ipod are a lot of fun. I love music too. Hopefully my posts will become more about me and what I love to do and less about my nest.
We have a lovely old house and lots of ideas for painting and redecorating. I have curtains to make and wood to gather before it gets too hot outside. As I said in my profile, I am a University Student. I have an associates degree in Nursing, as well as one in Applied Science for Aircraft Electronics. [Fat lot of good that does me :) ] I am working on my Bachelors in Nursing by taking online classes. Photo shop elements is another great time grabber, digital scrap booking is much less messy than the old fashioned kind. I can work on it for 10 or 15 minutes whenever I want and walk away without leaving a mess on the table.
So the whole empty nest thing isn't for me at least, too much time on my hands, it is strictly emotional. If that's all it is, I should be able to handle this easy, right? Especially when my husband spoils me even more. He is making homemade pepperoni pizza for breakfast. The man is a wonderful cook. I am the luck one!
More later

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  1. I am always glad of the empty nest after I spend a week helping my daughter with her kids! She is due for her third in a few weeks and I will be helping out!


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