26 October 2014

Stuff around the house and a bit of a fright (why you should probably not go for walks in the woods at night)

Stuff around the house
As you can see, My Sweet Husband has been busy again.
As the two pictures in this frame show, he has been removing the windows (on the left you see just the storm window in place) then carefully cleaning repairing and repainting where needed. 

 A few seasonal items
 This is one of my favorite Halloween decorations. I can't remember what this type of printing is called, but it really makes me think of my childhood.
 A seasonal treat. Something else that reminds me of childhood.
Do you remember this stuff?
He is one of a set of two, they are currently glowing on the mantle.
 Our woods in the evening
We have been crazy busy lately. This weekend was no exception.
By the time we were ready to go for our walk, it was getting late.
The temperature was a little crisp, but still lovely, so we decided to go anyway.
 There is something so very peaceful about walking in the woods at twilight. 
 That is until you look down and see your foot about to step on this guy. I honestly do not know why I looked down and I don't think I realized right away what it was. I stepped away, took a couple more steps, then turned around and told My Sweet Husband, Look, a baby snake. (It was only about 18 inches long). He told me not to get to close, I listened.
This picture was taken by the light on My Sweet Husband's key chain (with the zoom lens). He said he did not think it was a baby, look how fat it is (take a look at the end of the tail too).
 Look him in the eyes
I finally figured out how to get the flash up, it was really too dark to see. This picture shows the shape of his head and the pattern on it's scales. No worries, also taken with the zoom lens. 
We left him in peace and headed carefully back to the car (this time with My Sweet Husband's light on the path in front of us. 
This morning we looked it up and we think he is a Pygmy Rattlesnake (who knew there was such a thing). 
I feel very lucky right now. 
One more picture from last night.
As I hum that one line from "The Teddy Bear's Picnic", 
you know the one that goes
"If you go down to the woods at night, you better not go alone"
Have a great week,
and watch where you step.


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