13 April 2014

Spring Challenge!

When I was a kid, growing up in Utah. My Mom used to make us wear undershirts from Halloween till Easter. I guess she thought it was not Spring till Easter arrived. 
We always had new hats, sometimes white gloves, and lovely dresses for church on Easter Sunday. 
Some people will say those fancy Easter Bonnets are a sign that Spring has finally arrived. 

How can you tell that Spring has arrived in this part of the South?

Ok, well the obvious answer might be that the flowers are in bloom (I have posted several photos recently on that subject). 
Except for the fact that some flowers bloom here year round.
My Camellias bloom in the middle of winter.

You might say Spring is here when you start seeing folks in shorts,
Nope, some people here wear shorts year round as well. 

The Challenge
Everyplace has it's own unique sign that Spring has finally arrived. 
I will show you three pictures for examples. 
I want you to post a picture, a paragraph, or even a poem, describing your idea of the ultimate sign of spring on your own blog. Then leave a comment on this post with a link to yours. 
If you do not have a blog, post it in the comment block below.

Pollen on my Tacoma

 Pollen on the porch

Ticket Scalper getting ready for The Masters in Augusta GA
Now I know Spring is here!

Hopefully we will have several entries to enjoy. 
See you soon,


  1. Ok…..Here is my blog complete with pictures! Thanks for the challenge Kat!

  2. ummmmm, here is the link.
    I need to eat something….breakfast. yes. breakfast would be good.

  3. Love it! Thanks sirrka. Brings back memories for me too. I will have to check out some of your other posts too.

  4. "I guess she thought it was not Spring till Easter arrived." I miss my mom.


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