12 January 2014

Obsession Reborn

You may want to refresh your memory before reading this post. It is an update from
Now you know the first part of the story, enjoy the next chapter.

Fuji FinePix Z5
The Fuji mentioned in the original post is shown above. It was not shown, but it took the portraits of all the camera's who were. It was a life changer for me. I had forgotten how much art there is in a good photograph and how much I loved photography.  It was light and no bigger than a pack of cards. It fit easily in my purse and soon went everywhere with me.

Finepix F5 control panel
This camera explored North and South Carolina, parts of Florida, (see Space Cadet ), together we took walks in the woods, saw our Corolla reach 100,000 miles, visited Yellowstone National Park and  my family in Utah, saw New Orleans and took hundreds of pictures of cars (another obsession).

When I earned my Bachelors (Bachelor of Science in Nursing), My Sweet Husband thought I deserved an upgrade. My graduation present from him was the lovely pink Fuji Finepix Z70 shown above. The Z5 posed with it in front of an old photo of my Mother-in-Law (one of the sweetest human beings ever).  We took this camera to Rome and later, China, as well as our usual haunts closer to home. I have used it to document restoration on the house and the extreme cuteness of Spontaneous. 

Finepix Z70 control panel and screen
Both finepix cameras have a good selection of "scenes" you can use for settings. Things like "sunset" or "Snow" or "portrait", I personally think I was able to get some great shots with these cameras, but somewhere in the back of my mind, the question sits; was it my skill, or the camera? Unfortunately a few months ago, the latch for the door to the battery and memory card compartment broke......
I was able to tape it shut. Not really an optimal situation, but it worked.

Canon Power Shot S120
My Sweet Husband strikes again. Look what he got me for Christmas! My new S120 is posed here in front of a photo I took with the Petri for one of my photography classes. (Taken with the Finepix F5 it still works great) I won't say exactly how many years ago those classes were (hint, big hair ) but it was long ago and far, far away. This camera is very flexible. I can set it on Automatic then all I have to do is push the shutter button (and try to hold it still of course), I can use one of the many "Scenes" as settings, or I can take complete control. 

The Z70 and S120 posed together for comparison.
The S120 is almost as small as the Z70. It weighs less than half a pound. It has a lot more camera packed into it's small package. I can transfer photos from the camera to the computer without removing the memory card or carrying around another cable (had problems after I removed a memory card during our trip to Boston). 

Now I have some playing to do. As shown above depth of field can make a big difference to even a recipe shot, do I want to emphasize that delicious looking crust, or do I want to show the ingredients as well? See how much difference it makes even in the colors? The lighting was the same for both pictures. I have a little bit of studying to do. Lucky for me the subject is fascinating. 

Vintage Battery Operated Truck
In the mean time, here is one of my favorite pictures so far.  This cute little guy was my Dad's. It sits under my Christmas tree each year. I took the photo while I was playing with the settings on my Canon S120.  The camera is great, but the photographic skill is mine. 

What are you obsessed with?


  1. nice...the perspective on that tuck is very cool...there is def an art to taking good pics....

  2. We always enjoy your photos and your new camera will be lots of fun!!!

  3. Oh lucky girl to have a hubby that ensures you always have a good camera. Wonderful!
    Have fun learning all the creative techniques with your new camera.
    xo Catherine

  4. Hey Kat,
    Hope you and yours are well.
    Like you it's photography for me. Not that I've had much time for a while. I've a bit of time off towards the end of the month so hopefully then.
    It is interesting the difference the DOF makes to colour when the lighting hasn't changed. The DOF on food shots is normally shallow so the viewer concentrates on the food rather than anything else but it's fun to play around.
    I do like the last shot. That's a cute wee car.

    Take care,

  5. There have been many times recently - especially during a major bout of tendonitis in my right arm - that I have thought about getting a camera that is lighter and easier to carry around than my beloved Nikon D60 is but so far I've not made any major changes. I have a friend who recently got a very nice Olympus that is quite light and as I started out with an Olympus SLR way back probably before you even took your photography class (think precursor to big hair!) that might be a choice or I've also heard some really good things about a couple of Fujis. Not having a sweet husband of my own to make the decision for me, I'll think on it some more and hopefully make a decision eventually but now I've got to say that last photo of the truck has me wondering about your new camera too!

  6. I can so totally feel your joy over your new camera! :) There is nothing like having a camera that takes the photos you want. I keep trying buying point and shoot cameras, but I can't ever get them to focus on what I want them do, so i have to truck my DSLR everywhere I go..


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