10 November 2012

Autumn Faire

We attended the Annual North Carolina Renaissance Festival a couple of weeks ago and it was fantastic! The Festival is still on this weekend and next, so if this post inspires you and you can make it to the Charlotte North Carolina area, join the fun.
Your tour guide for the event (me).
I get the feeling this is going to be a little different...

 A Reaissance Festival (or Ren Faire) is a trip back in time.
This lovely old time traveler was parked near us.

 OK, maybe it is not 100% accurate Medieval Recreation, but it is fun.
We started with a trip to the Cappuccino Inn shown above.
Have a good look at the buildings, this festival occurs out in a field.
I do not know if the buildings are from previous years or not, but they were substantial.
We certainly met some interesting people.
Some of the people in costume are paid performers, but not all.
Some, like me, just love an excuse to play dress up.
Dressing up is certainly not required, but it is fun.

 I found a friend.

 Looks like My Sweet Husband found a couple of friends too.
(Hey, that is my Pumpkin Ale he is holding)
I am rather fond of Pumpkin.
There is music everywhere at the Faire.

Some performers have set stages.
This One Woman Band provided a very pleasant accompaniment to our lunch 
(I'll show you that later). 

I believe this is Twig, the Fairy (and yes, I do believe in Fairies, do you?).

I have added a new band to my list of favorites. Cu Dubh.
Awesome, how can you go wrong with pipes and drums?
Check them out Cu Dubh

There was plenty of food on offer.
The stuffed baked potato was an excellent choice.
(Although, once again, not really historically accurate. Potatoes came from the new world.)

 If you are looking for a new career, the Faire has many possibilities.
You could be a flower seller.

Or a target.
This young man hurls insults at the audience and some of them pay to hurl tomatoes back at him.
Tomatoes also originated in the New World.
I can't imagine what cooking was like before they became popular.

 These look like fun. Once again, options for everyone.
What sort of career requires the outfit on the right?
Then of course there is the Knight in Shining Armour.
This one was the bad guy.
Great show.

 This is one of my favorite photos!
Meet The Lady Christie and Widget.
I learned several things at the Festival.
My traveling companion.
My best friend.
The reason I am such a lucky girl!
or shall I say


  1. oh wow this looks so fun...i wanna go!!!! nice ears....smiles...cool costumes....

  2. Looks like lots of fun. I love those toadstools that the fairy was sat on, and yes, I do believe in fairies.

  3. This looks like a lot of fun... I used to sing in a group that performed in a local fall festival.. dress up and all. I think I have a picture of my costume on my side bar... the ship's captain! :)

  4. Dear Kat, I recall going to a fair like this a few years back, here in Denmark.;) I was then in relationship with the Irishman and he was interested in role playing games.;) But it was truly a lot of fun.;)
    You seem to have enjoyed yourselves, love all the images.;)


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