09 April 2012

Circle of life

 Do you remember the Ents from the Lord of the Rings stories?
This was our Ent. The photo is from a few winters ago.
I always felt he was the gaurdian for the back part of our property.
Late last summer, a large part of his leaves changed early and did not drop.
He went to sleep for the winter, and did not wake up this spring.

Most of these pieces will go to firewood.
They will keep us warm in winters to come. 

There is already new growth in the area. Do you see the pretty lady bug?

Fresh berries will be here soon.
Change is life.


  1. Oh I'm sorry for the passing of this magnificent tree! I hope it managed to seed lots of babies though! Yay! Take care

  2. that is rather sad about your tree...i dont like seeing the old timers go they carry so many memories...

  3. I just hate it when a tree goes, they are so majestic!

  4. Great post,I really like your article

  5. Well, you can lift a glass of wine and toast this magnificent tree as it gives you winter warmth.

    I am home from my four month stay in India ( will try to return ), with a five day stopover in Hong Kong. I loved being in India...saw so many wonderful old Royal Caribbean friends and new blogging friends...made my stay very economical.

  6. For the Jarvis House it was a choice between a tree and the house. After the tree was cut down, a Dogwood volunteer that has struggled under the larger tree really took a growth spurt and is now covered with lovely white flowers. It is a th circle of life. the taken tree will be split up into firewood too.

  7. The circle of life is what happens to everything...except maybe machine parts, but they may take longer for entropy to get them. Good story about your tree.


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