06 October 2009

Wooly caterpillars

There is an old wives tale that says something about how if the woolly caterpillars are fat and furry, the winter is going to be a cold one. I don't know if this guy has heard that or not, but he is fine and fat and furry. Do you think we should go get some extra wood? Somehow I always associated caterpillars and butterflies with the spring. This is most certainly autumn and here they are. All these photos were taken within the last week or so.

We have had a bumper crop of butterflies lately. I have photographed three different species just on our road. The
orange and black is dressed up for the season. The midnight blue looks ready for a ball.

This part of South Carolina brings in the fall, ever so gently. It slowly sneaks up on you. I anxiously wait for the first yellow leaves then the first of the red. It is often cool enough in the mornings to snuggle up. Soon, it will be time to bring wood up and cut it for the fireplaces. My Sweet Hubby brought the afghans down from the attic. I love to stretch out on the couch under a cuddly throw. Anyone who knows me, will know that I

hate to be cold. I do, however, enjoy being just a little cool, IF I can cuddle. Spontaneous the cat is quite popular right now.

There are so many interesting things to photograph right now. Green has been our dominant color all summer, I am ready for change. I have photos of three different kinds of mushrooms from our walk the other day. Just this morning, as we walked out to the car, I spotted yet another kind, these have red and white caps. I did not stop to shoot as we were already running late. If they are still there, I will try to get them for next week.

These little puff balls look like some sort of confection (no
worries, I would never pick wild to eat, I am very protective of my own skin). The other two types really look like they should have fairy's near by.

These two posts have some good examples of what I mean.


Maybe I will have to go fairy with my trusty little camera again soon (I still have great nieces that have not been turned into fairies yet and I want to make some paper dolls too).

After the mushroom photos, comes another great use for mushrooms, Pizza. No mushrooms on this, just pepperoni and lots of cheese. My Sweet hubby has the hand made stuffed crust down to an art form. Good stuff!

Below that is another great example we found at Earth Fair in Augusta. I read about it in Martha Stewart's Halloween Magazine. She recommends it for it's spooky appearance and even spookier name.
When I spotted the cheese, Jennifer, our favorite cheese guru let us have a taste and we were hooked. It is Morbier. The stripe is vegetable ash, I know, that sounds just a little odd, but you really should try it. Way back when they started making this cheese, families that did not have enough milk to fill the mold all at once would put the mornings milking in, then a layer of fine ash to prevent it from forming a skin. In the evening, they milked again and put the rest on top. Part of what makes it so interesting is the fact that the morning milking tastes different from the evening milking, so the two halves taste different. I think the story is kind of romantic. Can't you just see the little cottage with one cow in the back?
Last but not least, we have Jack o'lanterns on the steps. The Halloween decorations are up and I am already dreaming of pumpkin pie.


  1. The way they tell it up here in New England is that you can tell how bad the winter is going to be based on the size of the band around the caterpillar; if it's wide then you can expect a rough winter and if it's narrow it should be an easier one.

    I haven't seen any of the "wooly bears" up here yet but when I do I'm hoping they'll have nice little narrow bands, my finances can't take a bad winter this year!

  2. Hope it doesn't get too cold down here either. I like having four seasons, but I don't like them extreme.

  3. I'm like you, Kat. I hate to be cold. The blue butterfly is absolutely beautiful. I have never seen anything like it over here. What a great story about the cheese. Very interesting. My daughter is a cheese fanatic, she won't eat the milder tasting cheeses, they have to be full flavoured.

  4. Nice to meet you Kat and thank you for your very kind comments on my blog.

    I wish our houses had steps and porches, it is a lovely idea to decorate the home this way.

  5. Aw, that fat fuzzy li'l catepillar is soooo cute :)

  6. Oh I miss the wooly worms..I used to live in NC and we went up to Boone each year around the time of the Wooly worm festival..sooo much fun!! Wonderful shots!!
    Namaste, Sarah

  7. I love the mushroom photos! I've been a little obsessed with mushroom this fall and always wish I knew more about them so I could collect some myself!


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