12 June 2009

Lazy days at home

Lazy days at home are a good thing, sometimes that is just what we need. My days off this week have not been completely lazy. I finished the picture on the right. It is a digitally altered photo I took. I used both photoshop and correll painter essentials on it. I am quite pleased with the way it came out. I am using it on a card.
The next photo is one of those opportunistic shots. I was on my way into the kitchen for a refill on my coffee, and I noticed the way the light was hitting the plants and how they seemed to be reaching, yearning for a little sunshine (I know the feeling sometimes). Both of these plants moved with us from New Mexico
or at least their parents did. I thought the Angel Wing Begonia died in route. It was just dead twigs, then they broke off to the dirt. We were staying in Billeting on base while we looked for a house and it was in a nice old flower pot, so I set it next to the Aloe in the window. Unbeknownst to me, the housekeeping staff watered it. Before the month was out, I had new shoots. Since then, the Begonia climbs up to 6 or 8 feet tall each year. My Sweet Heart cuts it back and re pots it every spring. The Aloe in this pot are babies from the original Aloe. The Mommy plant just keeps making babies. I don't know how many I have given away over the years. They look nice, and they are great on burns. The only draw back on the Aloe, is that like most succulents, you can not keep it anywhere that is light all the time. They breath at night, so if it is never dark, they suffocate (I know, that sounds nuts, but it is true, look it up).
The tiny toad was hopping across the road near one of our favorite camp sites(isn't he cute, how tiny). As my Sweet Hubby puts it, we were on an overnight picnic. We throw food, bedding and pillows in the van and head out. We come home for breakfast. Quick, easy, fun.
As you can see here, my blackberries are starting to ripen. With all the rain we have had, they are fat and sweet. Pretty too. I guess my work with the honeysuckle might pay off after all. I really do want to see how these are with pancakes. I may have to go grab a few to go with dinner tonight.
I took two photos of this guy, he looks like he is defying gravity. He is climbing straight up that
column. I have seen them get all the way to the top, this one gave up early. All they need is a little texture and up they go. He is one of the locals that I do know are not dangerous. I am not about to pick him up, as he does have teeth, but we leave them alone. They help keep the mice population under control. The second photo is a little crooked, that is the photographer, not my column. I shot several photos in quick succession and this one was the best of him.
Maybe he quit climbing because he is having a lazy day too.

On a previous post, I talked about picking choke cherries when we were kids. Last year when they were ripe, they were out of reach. The storms that did so much damage in the local area this spring, did one good thing. This choke cherry tree is partially knocked over, but thriving anyway. That brought the berries within reach. All the rain ensured their were lots of them. They are a little bitter, but good. I would not eat too many at once. They are tiny and have one big seed in the center. My Mom made jelly out of them. I know how, but their are so many other things I want to do with my time. I will let the birds feast on most of them (if you notice purple splotches on my pickup in the near future, this is probably where they came from).
I have several friends with lovely gardens (Jo, & Tim in Britain and Lynn here in South Carolina, among others). I thought I would share a few photos of mine. These ferns grow wild, (as does most of my garden, he, he).
The next photo is a view from the back of the property up towards the house. My Sweet Hubby keeps paths cleared and mowed so we can wander and get to things. Mother Nature is quite busy around here.

This magnolia blossom is actually a party in progress. If you look closely, you will see several of our little wild honey bees and one of the big Evil Carpenter bees, all going nuts over the stamens. I say Evil Carpenter bees, as they make holes in my house and barn.

The last two photos are part of the reward system around here. The first, a lovely German Apple Pancake made by hand just for me. Then later in the afternoon, after a hard morning of studying, watermelon out on the porch with my Sweet Heart. Life is good.
Hope yours is too.

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  1. I agree, lazy days at home are great. It's nice sometimes just to be able to potter about instead of having specific tasks to do.
    The tiny toad is so cute!
    Thank you for your comment about my garden. You live in such a beautiful place and your garden is beautiful too.


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