09 February 2009


I am currently taking a PE class on line. PE, on line? How do you take a physical education class on line? Well, we had to take a prefit test, then we must walk or run a certain amount of time at least three times a week. We have to monitor our heart rates to ensure we are going fast enough to do us some good, yet not killing ourselves. We have to turn in log sheets each week. The kicker is, we will take another fitness test at the end of class, our grades depend on our improvement.
For me this isn't really a hardship. You should know by now that I love to walk. Especially here in my woods. My sweet Hubby goes with me. We walk fast and watch the heart rate for the first part of the walk, then slow down after I have met my requirement for the day. The camera comes out (of course) when we slow down. This little seed pod was laying by the road, just waiting to be photographed. I don't know what it actually is, but it is tiny and delicate. It was the only one we saw that day. All of these photos have been taken in the last week. We have gone from below freezing to nearly 70.
I have two rosemary plants. This one has been planted outside for nearly a year now and is doing great. I have a second, younger plant that I grew from a cutting that I obtained in Charleston. The younger plant is in a pot that can be brought in when the temp drops too low. In the spring, I will plant it near the older plant. my hope is with two plants, I will get blossoms. The rosemary does bloom and it is quite pretty. If I succeed, I will show you photos. O.K? This piece of twisty stick is one of the local vines. I am not sure what type, they are all over and get quite thick.
I posted a picture of the mistletoe not long ago. This particular patch is closer to the ground so I could get a better shot at it. The moon is a bonus.
We have a lot of little red birds quite near the

house right now. Of course, they are camera shy. They are the color of cardinals and sing prettily in the evenings. We often see them when we are on our walks. When the camera comes out they whisk away. They are two small to get from much distance and they are way more patient than I am. ( I have of course tried waiting quietly so they would forget I was there, no dice.) I will keep trying. In the mean time, this next photo is a different kind of red bird. When we were in Britain, they called lady bugs, Lady Birds. This little guy has been wintering in my house and it evidently got warm so he woke up. We try to discourage them as we do like to
be cozy. I don't think it is good for them to be awake but I don't know. Any lady bug experts out there? I do know they are good for my garden.
My Sweetheart spoiled me again the other morning with fresh baked goodies. He makes the very best cookies! These were peanut butter oatmeal.
The daffodils are as you can see still in bloom.
There are several different places in the yard where they are clumped together. These are under the Pecan tree. (It is a lovely old tree, but it does not put out many pecans this late in it's life and the squirrels always beat us to those.)
The last two pictures are from a later than usual walk. The sunset was glorious. It is almost time to head out again. Let me know what you think of the frames this time.
Have a great week,

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